ComposerComposer DatesNationalityTitleInstrumentationPublisherDate of Composition
Aarne, Els1917-95ESTFrench Horn Concertino, Op. 33horn and orchestraEstonian Music Info Centre1958
Agócs, Katib. 1975CAN/USAHorn Concertohorn and orchestraCOMP2020
Anderson-Wuensch, Jean Maryb. 1939CANConcerto for horn and stringshorn and orchestra 1960
Aubin, Francineb. 1938FRConcerto for horn and stringshorn and orchestraAlphonse1998
Badian, Mayab. 1945ROM/CANChamber Concertohorn and percussionCMC1976/78
Bacewicz, Grazyna1909-69POLIncrustationshorn and chamber orchestraPWM1965
Barnett, Carolb. 1949USAConcerto for horn and stringshorn and orchestraThompson1985
Boel, Merb. 1956USACelebration of the Deep4 hn and orchestraCOMP2010
Burrell, Dianab. 1948UKChaconnehorn and orchestraUMP2017
Butler, Jenniferb. 1976CANNocturne, chamber versionhorn and orchestraCOMP2001
Byström, Brittab. 1977SWEDGames Without Endhorn and orchestraWilhelm Hansen2018
Cohen, Alla b. 1949RUS/USA"Over There, Unattainably Near..."horn and orchestraCOMP2007
Davies, Tansyb. 1973UKForest4 hn and orchestraFaber2017
Dewhirst, Michelle McQuadeb. 1973USAChiasmushorn and orchestraJomar2002
Firsova, Elenab. 1950RUSChamber Concerto No. 4, Op. 37horn and ensembleBoosey & Hawkes1987
Gipps, Ruth1921-99UKConcerto, Op. 58horn and orchestraCOMP1968
Hoover, Katherine1937-2018USASummer Nightfl, hn, stringsPresser1986
Höstman, Annab. 1972CANDrømde mik en drøm i nateh, hn, stringsCOMP2013
Kern, Frida1891-1988AUSTScherzo, Op. 43horn and orchestraThomi-Berg1942
Knudson, Elizabethb. 1981CANMosaichorn and orchestraCMC2010
Lefanu, Nicolab. 1947UKAmores: Five Songs Without Wordshorn and stringsCOMP2003
Likhuta, Catherineb. 1981UKR/AUSLBad Neighbors2 horns and orchestraCOMP2017
Likhuta, Catherineb. 1981UKR/AUSLVivid Dreamshorn and orchestraCOMP2020
Lutyens, Elisabeth1906-83UKChamber Concerto IV, Op. 8, No. 4horn and orchestraBelwin Mills1946
Maier, Melissa USApretiolae per non dormirehorn and orchestraCOMP1994
Merriman, Margarita Leonorb. 1927USAConcertantehorn and orchestra 1976
Mitchell, Darleenb. 1949USAAnd Still...horn and orchestraACA1984/2020
Musgrave, Theab. 1928UKConcerto for Hornhorn and orchestraChester1971
Musgrave, Theab. 1928UKNight Music2 hn and orchestraChester1969
Phillips, Broyny Jaggerb. 1948NZSonnets Ihorn and orchestraSOUNZ1996
Phillips, Broyny Jaggerb. 1948NZSonnets IIhorn and orchestraSOUNZ1998
Raum, Elizabethb. 1945CANSherwood Legendhorn and orchestraCMC1996
Raum, Elizabethb. 1945CANTributehorn and bandCimarron2007
Samuelsson, Marieb. 1956SWEDHornet i blåsten (The Horn in the wind)horn and bandSMIC2009
Schönthal, Ruth1924-2006USAMusic for Horn and Chamber Orchestra (originally hn and pf)horn and orchestraAMC1978
Shmotova, Marinab. 1959RUSDouble Concertohn, pf, and orchestra with kettledrums 1996
Smyth, Dame Ethel Mary1858-1944UKConcerto for Violin, Horn, and Orchestravln, hn, and orchestraCurwen1927
Sniffin, Allisonb. 1960USAPrelude for horn and string orchestrahorn and orchestra  
Thomas, Augusta Readb. 1964USASilver Chants the Litanieshorn and orchestraCOMP2003
Vito-Delvaux, Berthe di1915-2005BELConcerto #1, Op. 93horn and orchestraCBDM1963
Vito-Delvaux, Berthe di1915-2005BELConcerto #2, Op. 100horn and orchestraCBDM1965
Will, Madeleineb. 1910FRSinfoniahorn and orchestra  
Žebeljan, Isidora1967-2020SERDance of the Wooden Stickshorn and strings 2008
Zwillich, Ellen Taafeb. 1939USAConcertohorn and orchestraPresser1993