Level II - intermediate

Suitable for intermediate students, typically in their second or third year. Note values are generally not beyond sixteenth notes and there may be some syncopation. May include standard and complex meters (6/8) and the key signature is generally not beyond three sharps or flats. Expanded range. Length is probably a page.
level 2
ComposerComposer DatesNationalityTitlePublisherDateTiminglevel of difficultyavailability as of Dec. 2022 (E=easy, M=medium, D=difficult)
Fox, Adrienneb. 1941UKTwo Chrome VignettesEmerson Edition20072:45IIE
Gipps, Ruth1921-99UKSonatina, op. 56June Emerson19608:00II/IIIE
Gould, Janettab. 1926UKThe Highland HornSt. Annes Music197814:00II/IVD
Gregan, Emmab. 1993AUSLThe CassowaryCOMP20211:20IIE
Gregan, Emmab. 1993AUSLOcean BlueCOMP20211:28IIE
Hoffman, Laurab. 1948USADancesCOMP19854:50IIM
Kahler, Elyseb. 1981USAFreedom to BeCOMP20108:28IIE
Procaccini, Teresab. 1934ITMeditazione, op. 81Seesaw19785:00IIE
Rueff, Jeanine1922-99FRCantileneAlphonse (23261)19634:17IIE
Uyttenhove, Yolande1925-2000BELEtude no. 10, op. 22CBDM19671:15IID