Supporting Materials Table of Contents

Professional Competence

1. Convocation Series recital program (classical music improvisation, 2015)

2. 47th International Horn Symposium program (2015)

International Alliance for Women in Music program (2011)
unsolicited letters of support from the student co-presenters:
Philippus, Zebell, Anthon

Kalamazoo Gazette article (2013) regarding International Horn Society
Premier Solo Competition finalist Paul Clifton (BM ’13)

5. selected unsolicited letters of support from WMU horn students and parents:
Jennifer Kempe (MM ’16)
Nicole Vanden Bosch (BM and BMEd ’16)
Derek Pothoff’s (BM ’15) mom
Jasmine Joubran (BM and BMEd anticipated ’17)
Chris Monroe (Music Therapy ’14)
Molly Zebell (BM ’13)
Liz Glasser (MM ’14)
Paul Clifton (BM ’13)
Kelsey Anthon (BM ’12)
Karin Yamaguchi (BM ’13)
Cecilia Kozlowski (BM ’08)
Megan DeRubeis (BM ’10)

Professional Recognition

6. Kendall Betts Horn Camp faculty listing (2017)
unsolicited letter of support from a participant

7. Monarch Brass
International Trumpet Guild Conference program (2015)
International Women’s Brass Conference program (2010)

8. feature article in The Horn Call (2015)

45th International Horn Symposium program (2013)

10. Horn and Electronics
Solo recital program with program notes (2016)
SPLICE Institute program (2016)
SEMINAR opening concert program (2016)

Western Winds Sichuan University program (2011)

12. Western Wind Quintet (select programs and reviews)
program and letter of invitation from Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2015)
Fontana Chamber Arts program and Kalamazoo Gazette ad and review (2010)

13. Western Brass Quintet (select programs, reviews, and letters)
University of Wisconsin-Madison Celebrate Brass! Festival program and letter from the festival-organizer John Aley (2014)
Garfield Park Conservatory program and letter from music director Eric Shumsky (2015)
Byron Center winter concert program and letter from band director Marc Townley (2016)
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign program and letter from trombone professor Elliot Chasanov (2015)
Illinois State University program and letter from horn professor Joe Neisler (2015)
Penn State program and letter from horn professor Lisa Bontrager (2013)
Bowling Green State University program and letter from horn professor Andrew Pelletier (2013)
University of South Florida program and letter from tuba professor Jay Hunsberger (2012)
letter from East Carolina University horn professor Mary Burroughs (2011)
compact discs (
For Then and Now and Shadowcatcher), reviews (Arkiv Music, International Horn Society, International Trumpet Guild), and letters of support from composers Anthony Plog, Pierre Jalbert, and Larry Bitensky

14. TubaCOR
Eastman Women in Music Festival brochure and program (2012)
Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra series brochure and program (2012)
New Year’s Fest Kalamazoo Gazette ad (2011)
Southwestern University program and letter of support from trombone professor Eileen Russell (2011)
University of Iowa program and Daily Iowan article (2010)

15. Boston Brass program (2015)

Fontana Chamber Arts Mozart Quintet program and Kalamazoo Gazette review (2011)

University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point solo recital and masterclass programs (2010)

University of Symphonic Band program and letter of support from Eastern Michigan University retired horn professor Williard Zirk (2015)

Professional Service

19. 2016 Horn Day brochure and program
letters of support from recent Horn Day participants

International Women’s Brass Conference 2012 booklet

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